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Soft Gamma Repeater LP

1. Circadia
2. Banding
3. Gneiss
4. Swarz
5. Uprizen
6. Antnna
7. Veil (Empty Mix)
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A. Coax
B. Thundare
Graze is the synthetic porous ultralight material derived from low-mid frequencies, in which the liquid component of the melody has been replaced with curvaceous tones. The result are tracks with extremely low density and high thermal conductivity.
“Coax” was produced by extracting the liquid component of an early Toronto rave tape through supercritical drying. This allowed the essence to be slowly extracted without causing the solid matrix in the samples to collapse from tape hiss, as would happen with conventional techniques.

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A1. Eyo Olkun
B1. This Language
B2. Your Memories
Rolling, inventive rhythms and complex choral arrangements from Toronto’s Maaskant on New Kanada.
“The technology of the burning glass has been known since antiquity. Vases filled with water used to start fires were known in the ancient world, and metaphorical significance was drawn  from the fact that the water remained cool even though the light passing through it would set materials on fire.”

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A1. Omni (w/ Pitto)
B1. Siren To Siren
B2. Chronos
This holographic release was inspired by black hole thermodynamics.
In the case of Omni, the insight was that the sound content of all fallen objects might be contained in surface fluctuations of the event horizon.
Siren To Siren is microscopically random, like a hot gas. A known configuration of classic tape sounds has zero entropy: there is nothing random about binary configurations. If one throws a hot gas with entropy into Chronos, the entropy would disappear – producing aggressive bandwidths, and ragga baselines.

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Jasper / Throwing Shade

A1. Jasper
B1. Throwing Shade
B2. Whispernet
Thermo acoustics is the area of sound that seeks to reconcile the laws of sinuous audio strands with the existence of black hole event horizons. Much as the study of the statistical mechanics of body radiation led to the experience of quantum sub dynamics, the effort to understand the statistical mechanics of bass has had a deep impact upon the understanding of holographic principle, leading to the formulation of these tracks.


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A1. Umbilical Chords
A2. Pop Shop
A3. Risk Business
B1. Channels For Success
B2. Home Video Is Wherever I’m With You
B3. Stoned in Death Valley
C1. This Is Newsbeat!
C2. Hunk Of Punk
C3. An Invisible Anthem For Invisible People
D1. Industrial Blonde
D2. Pretension And Release (Alt Ending)
2×12″ out now on Throne Of Kanada here.
JOTS XLR8R Podcast here.

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MWeapon / Scrap

A1. MWeapon
B1. Scrap (Fighting Dub)

MWeapon minerals display luminous bass bands, which appear to move as the specimen is rotated. Such frequencies are composed of parallel fibers, which reflect sound into a direction perpendicular to their orientation, thus forming narrow bands of light. The most famous examples are FM and subtractive, but the effect may also occur in other sound banding – such aquamarine, moonstone and tourmaline.

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Ambient Parks Compilation

01. Ambalance – “Hydro Lines
02. Fairmont – “Twin Freeks
03. Jokers Of The Scene – “Kanada Goose
04. Tolga Fidan – “Immaculate
05. Miajica – “From The Forest
06. Brennan Green – “Ambien
07. Imugem Orihasam – “aka Just Let Me Laugh
08. Ricardo Tobar – “Excuses Nueva Mezcla
09. Polmo Polpo – “String Theory
10. John Connell – “Canopy
11. Mike Shannon – “Quazar
12. Andras Toth – “Osidius
13. Maaskant – “Echolocation”
14. Tazz & Giovanni – “Le Mingan
15. Murr – “1
16. James Welburn – “Hold Version
17. The Mole – “Ode To Canoehead

Mastering: Roofless Creations

Release Date: Monday, February 17th, 2014

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Edges LP

1. Skip/Crush
2. Cold Drop
3. Airror
4. Scrap
5. Stack Array
6. Ripley
7. GoldN
8. Oath

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Edges Sampler Vol. 1  - 12″ (180g )

A1. Skip/Crush
B1. Airror
B2. Ripley