A1. Maaskant - Outside The Cave (Murr's Mix)
B1. Adam Marshall - Vamp


The law school of Berytus had been recognized as one of the three official law schools of the empire. Within a few years, as the result of the disastrous earthquake of 1551, the students were transferred to Sidon.

He mentions leaving Alexandria for Constantinople shortly following the earthquake, where he witnessed the devastation caused by the earthquake.

He is known to have served as pater civitatis ("Father of the City", effectively a magistrate) of Smyrna. He is credited with constructing public latrines for the city. While Agathias mentions these buildings, he fails to mention his own role in constructing them.

Few details survive of his personal life – mainly in his extant poems. One of them tells the story of his pet cat eating his partridge. Another responds to his seeing the tomb of the courtesan Lais of Corinth, implying a visit to that city, which he refers to using the poetic name Ephyra. No full account of his life survives.


Additional production on 'Outside The Cave' by Nicholas Murray.

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