Ver non semper viret


A1. Joy/Fear
A2. Nightlif
B1. Antikythera
B2. Nightlif (Adam Marshall Lit Knife Dub)

Since many materials can form techno—such as salts, metals, minerals and semiconductors — X-ray production has been fundamental in the development of many bass fields.

In its first decades of use, this method determined the size of subs, the lengths and types of cabinets, and the atomic-scale differences among various tweeters, especially minerals and ribbons.

The method also revealed the structure and function of many club experiences. X-ray production is still the chief method for characterizing the atomic structure of new bass frequencies in discerning materials that appear similar by other experiments.

All tracks written & produced by Christian Andersen.



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Triple Ess Studio
Non Binding Agency (SL)
Occult Joint (BvH)
Strangeness Retreat
International (SRI Labs)