Ex iis unam cave
Adam Marshall
Heavy Metals

A1. Night Train
B1. Heavy Metals

Exposed within the interior of these tracks are a variety of intrusive and extrusive igneous structures.
They include the extensive hydrothermal alteration of rhyolites and gabbros and a central megabreccia created by hydrothermal dissolution and collapse.

The siliceous megabreccia is at least 40m thick in its center – to only a few meters thick along its edges. The breccia consists of fragments of white to dark gray cherty material, quartz-rich bass, diagenetic clap nodules, and stromatolitic snares. It is intensively silicified.

All tracks written & produced by Adam Marshall.



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Non Binding Agency (SL)
Occult Joint (BvH)
Strangeness Retreat
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