Mox nox


1. Space-Future-Communication
2. Impressions
3. Messagio
4. Breakfast
5. Space-Future-Communication
(Adam Marshall Revox Edit)

These track’s magnitude and direction is best understood when the dislocation-bearing crystal structure is first visualized without the dislocation. In this release structure, once the encompassing track is drawn, the dislocation can be introduced. This dislocation will have the effect of deforming, not only the perfect crystal structure, but the track as well. The direction of the vector depends on the plane of dislocation, which is usually on the closest-packed unit of a low-frequency cell.

All tracks written & produced by Mario Robles.
Additional production on ‘Messagio’ by Dersu and Gomorra.

Edit of ‘Space-Future-Communication’ by Adam Marshall.



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