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A1. Kliph
B1. Hook
B2. ColorEXP

This Graze release is in the superfluid phase. As long as it remains superfluid, it will exhibit the principle of continuous flow. Properties such as mid-range density, bass pressure and sonic velocity are assumed well-defined in this state, and are assumed to vary continuously from one track to another.

Sounds may be artificially introduced, like percussive tracers, or they may be naturally occurring; full-spectrum tracers may be either. Quantized tracers remain constant following bass parcels, whereas off-grid tracers (such as snares or toms undergoing a mutual reaction) grow or decay with frequency.

Kliph is a vertical, or near vertical, club track. Basslines are formed in continuous cycles due to the processes of erosion and acoustic weathering within the cut. Kliph is amplified by rock that is resistant to erosion and weathering.

Hook is a tool consisting of a length of percussive experiments that contain portions which are refined and condensed. These portions can be used to introduce, hold or bridge another track. In a number of uses, one end of the track is pointed, so that this end can pierce another composition, which is then held by the curved or indented portion.

ColourEXP is the visual perceptual property corresponding to a full-range audio spectrum. This track aims to interact with the spectral sensitivities of the aural receptors, creating compressed atmospherics.

All tracks written & produced by Adam Marshall & Christian Andersen.



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Triple Ess Studio
Non Binding Agency (SL)
Occult Joint (BvH)
Strangeness Retreat
International (SRI Labs)