Semper amicis hora


Various Artists
Ambient Parks 
Volume 3



1. Moun - ‘Rubber Tree’
2. Noyz II Men - ‘Zenith’
3. Koosh n’ Murge - ‘Whales Unt Space’
4. Kindbody - ‘ Worn’
5. Neverdyingsoul - ‘REM’
6. Dan Only - ‘Pacific Heights’
7. Bløke - ‘Villification’
8. Haste - ‘AA24’
9. Acote - ‘ Sidewalk’
10. Nautiluss - ‘Jasper’
11. Crushfield - ‘Rarallax’
12. Step Fiction - ‘Dorothy Lanwright’
13. Nathan Jonson - ‘Take Me Away From This Place’
14. Vellus - ‘Peachfuzz’
15. Maaskant - ‘HeLa’
16. Schist - ‘Riding Thermals’
17. Murr - “Bars’
18. Andras Toth - ‘Mudang’
19. Souns - ‘ Quiet Love’

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An atmosphere, or ‘mood vapor', is a layer of spatial acoustics which envelops the local environment, and is held in place by the constant interplay between pressure and release. An atmosphere is more likely to be maintained if the pressure it’s subject to is consistent - and the temperature of the room is low.

A discrete mood with a thick atmosphere does not emit sound, but holds it well. The friction generated when jagged atmospheres react with stream-lined tones and reflective patterns causes the vast majority of sounds to burn up before being absorbed. When specific tones do get through, the effects are often erased by the action of wind. As a result, atmospheric moments are rare on aggresive arrangements.

The moods of this compilation are mostly composed of stark tonal landscapes (about 78%), strict ambient flow (about 21%), jagged, north-ward facing acoustics (about 0.9%) with classic dark spectrums present in trace amounts.

Proceed with restraint.


Mastered by Jay Hodgson @ Roofless Creations.

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Triple Ess Studio
Non Binding Agency (SL)
Occult Joint (BvH)
Strangeness Retreat
International (SRI Labs)