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Banged Out Funk


1. Banged Out Funk
2. Gut Rot
3. Sharp Ones
4. Rezervoir

Concretions are found all over the world, where heavily mineral-rich water acts as a sort of cement to fill the porosity of sedimentary rock. The mineral cement is considerably more resistant to weathering than the host stratum, and over time will gradually be left exposed, most usually in an ovoid or spherical form.

Examples of such concretions are the Moeraki boulders of New Zealand, the Cannonball concretions of North Dakota and the Kansas Pop Rocks of the Smoky Hill Chalk member of the Niobara Formation; but by far the most spectacular, otherworldly and beautifully aesthetic are those known as "gogottes" found in the Oligocene formation at Fontainebleau, onetime home of the French monarchy
Written and produced by Danny Voicu.

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